The Silly Little Things

The weather has been so beautiful lately! The birds have been chirping in the morning and I went on a walk earlier today with Becky and Tabor, my dog. I love walks with my best friend because it’s just nice to catch up but to also be outside, enjoying the weather. It’s weird to think that just last Thursday it snowed here, and now it’s 80 degrees (Fahrenheit)! Craziness!

I put away the space heater earlier that I use during winter when my room gets unbearably cold. My room has been a little stuffy actually, so I went to open my windows and OH MY GOSH THERE IS A SPIDER THE SIZE OF MY HEAD. (Okay, maybe not that big, but this thing is huge.)

I shrieked and slammed my window shut just to realize that it was on the inside, and that I just trapped it inside my room. Frantically, desperately trying to get it out of my room, I fling my window back open and I think I sent it flying somewhere in the depths of my cluttered and disorganized room. I now have no idea where it’s at and keep imagining bugs crawling all over me.

I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, well bugs in general, really, but spiders most of all. When I think about it, it’s such an irrational fear. Spiders don’t really cause a lot of harm; sure they can bite you but it’s highly unlikely that they are deadly. So why am I scared of them?

Another silly thing that I’m scared of is thunderstorms. I’m not sure what it is about them; maybe because they’re loud and creepy and the perfect time to kill someone; or maybe it’s the rain slamming against my window. Either way, it makes me feel like a four year old and I just hide under my covers and hope it passes soon.

Are you scared of something that is rather silly or doesn’t make sense?

Fundraisers Aren’t Fun

There is something rather deceiving about fundraisers. In that word is the word ‘fun’, and I would just like to say that fundraisers are really everything but fun. I’ve been working my butt off for about the past year and a half doing different fundraisers so I could raise enough money to go on a trip to France and Italy with my French club, and by golly I did it! But I’ve come to the point where I don’t ever want to do another one in my life.

My mother and I just got back from delivering about 50 pizzas from my last fundraiser and it makes me want to never sell another pizza again in my life. Haha, really though. Since I had sold so much, somewhere along the line the order got messed up so we had to run back up to my school and try to get things figured out. We had all these pizzas stuck in the back of our van that were slowly beginning to thaw and no where to put them. So we were frantically speeding around town trying to drop off as many as we could, when most people will still at work, then realized we had some that we didn’t order, and were missing some that we did order. We were able to drop most of them off at my church and put them in the freezers there so they weren’t ruined and tried to get my order figured out with my french teacher.

My french teacher in the end was just told us to keep the extra pizza and re-ordered us the ones we were missing, which was a relief. The whole thing was really frustrating because I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s order. They were kind enough to buy something from me, so I wanted to make sure that I got the order right in return.

In all, I’ve raised just over $2,000 for my trip, which is about two-thirds of the entire trip. My parents paid the additional money, but they were pretty proud of how much I had raised. The money I’m raising from now on is for spending money, so considering I don’t have a job, I’m really trying to keep the money I’ve saved, and to raise enough to spend on the trip.

We’re leaving June 8 for my trip, and the closer and closer summer gets, the more excited I become. I’ve been out of the country twice before, to Canada and then to Greece, Turkey and England, so I’m really looking forward to traveling some place new again with a bunch of my friends.

Today was my first day of Spring Break! Hurray! I get tomorrow and all of rest week off, and I’m looking forward to doing pretty much nothing besides sitting on my butt and staring at Johnny Depp on the television; however, I think Becky, my best friend, has some different things in mind. xD

I’m apparently supposed to be going tux shopping with Andrew for prom too, and I’m going to be honest, I’m not looking forward to it, cause Andrew hates shopping and he’s so stubborn.

Hope all is well! <3

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