August 2016 Reading Recap

You may have noticed I skipped last month’s Reading Recap. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I only read one book last month. July was a hard month for me, so I didn’t really make a lot of time for the things that I enjoyed.

I did a little better in August, though! I only read four books, but that’s an improvement over last month! That brings me to a total of 33 books read this year, out of my goal of 52. I’m 63% done and am still on track to reach my goal!

Trigger Warnings by Neil Gaiman – 5/5 stars’m a pretty big fan of Neil Gaiman. I looooved Stardust and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, so this happened to be an audiobook that was available to be checked out from the library when I needed a new book to listen to.

This is a compilation of short stories, and as it’s all by Gaiman, it ranges from whimsy and fantastical to a little creepy and morose. They were all very unique and so imaginative and creative which is what I love so much about Gaiman as an author. Some are short, some are long – but I really enjoyed them all!

I also thought that it was a nice touch that he added an introduction for each of the short stories at the beginning of the book. It gives the reader a little more insight into what inspired him to write the story and some fun real-life situations that have happened to him.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne – 4/5 stars have been very impatiently awaiting for this release! My mother, so a few days later it showed up on my door step! If you’re unaware, this seventh installment is in the form of a screenplay and takes place 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Overall, I really liked the plot. There were some little plot loopholes (due to the use of the time-turner, I won’t go into more details though if you’re planning on reading it!) that bothered me a bit, but it was all very quick-paced and kept me turning the pages.

I did miss diving more into the characters thoughts and all the descriptions that you would normally get in a novel, but I understand that this was never intended to be a novel and that’s what you get with a screenplay. All the same, it was a quick, fun read that will indulge all Harry Potter fans with a deeper look into the wizarding world. Would recommend!

The Brotherband Chronicles (#4-6) by John Flanagan – 3/5 stars
The Slaves of Socorro, Scorpion Mountain, and The Ghostfaces finally finished up all the books that are published so far in this series. The series continues off where the third book ended, but I don’t feel like there is really a whole lot that is newly introduced in the last half of the series. The character development continues, and each individual book has its own plot which keeps it unique. But it also makes it feel a bit formulaic. It took me a long time to get through the sixth book since it really just all felt a bit stale.

I will probably read the future books that come out in this series, but I do hope that he brings something unique to them, because they’re becoming tiresome.

Anyone else read the Cursed Child? Thoughts?

Happy reading, friends! :)


I mentioned a bit ago that Andrew and I were in the process of adopting a new puppy. Well, I am happy to report that she is moved in and settling well in our house! So friends, meet Chloe: the newest addition to the Smith family. :heart:


We adopted her through an organization called Stray Rescue. They found her her mother so underfed that she couldn’t even produce milk for the puppies. Because her mother was a stray, they aren’t exactly sure what breed she is. They know that her mother is some kind of labrador mix, but anything else is just a guess.

We’ve had her just over a week, and it has been so much fun to get to know her and see her grow! She is already so much taller than when we first got her! They grow up so fast ;(

Chloe sleeping
She likes to sleep in strange places – like under our coffee table.

She is definitely a cuddler. If you are sitting on the ground, she loves to crawl into your lap and sleep there for hours. She’s so calm and even-tempered – I didn’t hear her bark until the fourth day we had her! She is slowly becoming territorial, making her cute little puppy barks and growls as strangers pass by or if something scares her – like the vacuum.

We have been crate training her at night, so the first few nights were a bit rough. She would wake up every couple of hours and whine, so at first we thought she just had to go outside. Then we realized she was just getting us to let her out because she didn’t always need to go. Smart doggy.

Chloe in Grass
Sitting in the grass. She loves to be outside!

She doesn’t like walks or the leash yet, so we are still working on that. She tends to just sit down and refuse any treats we might have to get her to walk with us. So she’s a bit stubborn, but we’re working on that slowly! She knows “sit” very well, and she’s getting close to “down” for lay down. But she is potty-trained! Or so we hope, haha. She hasn’t had an accident inside for three days now, so that is definitely a relief!

Trying to catch her tail!
Trying to catch her tail!

Stray Rescue offers a year of free training classes when you adopt a dog, which is so awesome because obedience classes can be so expensive. We’ve always just trained our dogs ourselves, so it will be nice to have more of an expert approach towards training her. Chloe has an appointment to be spayed next week, so after she has recovered from that, we will definitely start taking full advantage of the free classes. Stray Rescue is located downtown so it will be a bit of a drive, but I think that it will be fun for Chloe and for me and Andrew.

Even though we’ve only had her a short time, we are so attached to her already. I know that she will be a perfect fit for our little family.  Plus, when you walk into your bedroom and see her hanging out like this, you can’t help but laugh and fall in love! :heart:

Half under the bed
Half under the bed
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